How to Write Your First Nonfiction Book

Finish Writing Your Book This Year 

If you have ever considered writing a book Vinil Ramdev's How to Write Your First Nonfiction Book is a must read."- BJ Bangs, award-winning journalist

This powerful book will help you:

  • Write a first-rate book that readers will buy
  • Successfully navigate the challenges of writing your first non-fiction book
  • Present your thoughts in an organized manner
  • Cultivate the necessary discipline to finish what you start
  • And avoid mistakes that make you look like a novice
  • Available in print, eBook, audiobook

    Writing a book is not easy. But with the right process, anyone with even basic English language skills can write a book.

    From the author's desk:


    I am Vinil Ramdev. I've helped hundreds of authors finish writing their books. 

    My desire is to see your name on the cover of a published book.

    Did you know that, statistically, almost every second person wants to write a book? Yet, less than one percent of the world’s population ever finishes the task. So, even if you write just one book in your entire lifetime, you’ll be part of a pretty exclusive club.

    Having had the pleasure of being among the one percent, I want to pass that great feeling of accomplishment along to other would-be writers. When I set out to write this book, I had a single purpose—to help you also become part of that exclusive club, and feel the unique satisfaction of hitting ‘the end’ for the final time on your first ever non-fiction book.

    To help you achieve the objective of writing your first book, I’ve put everything I’ve learned over the years about becoming a successful author into this guide.

    Anyone with even middle-school English language skills can write a book if they follow my instructions.

    I welcome you on this journey to becoming a published author. 

    To Your Success,

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