Exploring Booktube To Promote Self-published Books

YouTube has a growing sub-community of readers and authors known as “BookTube,” where countless videos and channels are dedicated to readers and authors participating in conversations about books. Hundreds of thousands of booktubers worldwide show off their shelves…

Constructive Ways To Deal With Negative Book Reviews

If you are an author, you’ll likely have to deal with negative book reviews at some point in your career. Even if you’re an excellent writer, you’re never going to please everyone. There will be readers who post…

Monetizing Your Book Chapters

selling book chapters

Selling books is challenging, especially if you’re a new author. The market is saturated, and it’s increasingly difficult to convince readers to spend their hard-earned money on you rather than a household name. Authors have sought to monetize…

Using Bookstagram To Promote Self-published Books

Instagram has proven to be an unexpectedly powerful resource for promoting self-published content. A community of book lovers – or “bookstagrammers” – gather to talk about their love of reading and communicate with readers and their favorite authors….

Using a Podcast To Promote Your Book

podcast promote your

More than 480 million people listened to podcasts in 2020. To think that ten years ago, most people hadn’t even listened to one. Some of the reasons podcasts became popular are people seeking alternative media to get news…

Pen Names, Should You Use One or Not?


A pen name is a pseudonym used by an author instead of her real name. This article will discuss why people use pen names, when to use a pen name, and when you shouldn’t use a pen name….

Publishing Free Books to Attract Attention to a Paid One

You’ve published a book, but sales have crept in slowly. Maybe you haven’t sold even one copy. Unless you’ve got an established reader base, you’ll have to prove to the market that you’re worthy of their money. Readers…

How To Sell Books Using Amazon Advertising

amazon advertising for beginners

Whether you’ve written your book. Or you’re about to. Learning how to use Amazon ads is a profitable skill for proactive writers. As we all know, adverts help us reach a lot more buyers, and that’s a good…

How To Write a Press Release for a Book

press release

Back in the day, when the internet wasn’t around, a press release was used to inform the media about important announcements. Today, the purpose is a little different — online and offline publications can pick up your story…

Importance of Book Reviews (And How To Get Them)

book reviews

In the world of self-publishing, there is nothing more important than marketing. That’s where the importance of book reviews come in. Book reviews inspire confidence in readers. A book listed on Amazon without a single review probably won’t…

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