Top Book Review Websites

In this article, we’ve made a list of websites that do book reviews. Authors can contact each of these sites to solicit book reviews.

Here is the list:

1. The Kindle Book Review

This site has been reviewing books since 2009, and its unique selling proposition is that it never charges for reviews. They maintain perfect confidentiality by not sharing the author or subscriber information. It has reviewed over 1,750 books since the year it came into existence, which speaks volumes about the footfalls enjoyed by the site.

They keep the engagement levels high by asking readers to join their review team and get an opportunity to win their weekly and monthly giveaways. You can also subscribe to the author newsletter and get regular updates on their promotions and giveaways. Moreover, you can join the Kindle Book Club and win weekly giveaways.

For book reviews, please contact Amber at or mail questions or comments to 319 E. Walnut St. Kokomo, IN 46901.

2. Books and Beyond Reviews

While the initial version of this site was launched in April 2015, it’s been constantly evolving. Their various offerings include book reviews, and they believe in constructive criticism. You can be assured a reason for why your book was liked or disliked. Enjoy the Friday Face-Offs (which is weekly theme-based) and books compared against those particular themes.

So, if you are an author whose genre includes, but is not restricted to, fantasy, science fiction, horror, comedy, historical fiction, YA, mystery/thriller, and crime, you can contact the site for a review. You can get in touch with them on the Contact Us page.

When you request a review, make sure to include the title and synopsis so that the reviewer can process your request successfully. The reviews are the reviewer’s personal opinion, and your work is categorized as “Good Read,” “Okay Book,” or “Not For Me.”

However, with the current backlogs of book reviews, expect a delay in the responses. So, if you’re in a rush, explore other sites as well.

3. Snazzy Book

This one by Laura was initially started with the purpose of providing reviews for adult fiction. However, it now covers all genres, including mystery/thriller, literary fiction, crime/detective, women’s fiction, humor, horror, romance, historical fiction, and YA. Additionally, you might also find some interesting tips pertaining to fitness, health, food, make-up, etc.

However, do remember that if you need to get your book reviewed, printed copies are preferred. Ebooks are also acceptable. To request a review, visit the review request page. You can also follow Laura on Instagram at @SNAZZY_STUFF and on TWITTER at @LAURANAZMDEH. You can also reach her at to discuss her blogs.

4. Amy’s Book Shelf

Amy Buckle, a graduate in English literature and language, is a voracious reader. This website is her platform to express her views about books from the genres of romance, literary fiction, thriller/mystery, autobiographical works, science-fiction/fantasy, and old classics.

She gives honest reviews along with a rating (on a scale of ten), and every review is no more than 500 words. They’re short, crisp, and sweet!

If you wish to contact her for a review, visit the Contact Me page, where you can find her details. Since she works under the management of Bookers Agency, it is important to read the review policy to know whether your book is appropriate.

Please remember to share a paperback for review since eBooks are not accepted.

5. KD Did It Edits

Kathy Davie not only focuses on reviews, but she is eager to help you edit your documents with the right vocabulary and much more.

Her word choice will make your business-related document or script even more effective. Her professionalism is reflected in her review of documents, whether business-related or a manuscript. You can be assured that you’ll submit a polished piece to established names in the segment.

Her book review preferences are historical, current, or future settings in mysteries, romances, science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, military science fiction, suspense, action, and, to a lesser extent, mainstream fiction. She also edits technical writing.

Moreover, she provides self-editing tips like grammatical explanations, formatting tips, and advice on punctuations so that writers need not spend a fortune on getting them edited. These tips enlighten the writer and help them tackle the basics before sharing the final version with a professional for editing. She has several editing and self-editing packages.

Check out the details on her editing page before you plan to proceed.

6. Gut Reaction Reviews

Don loves to read and review fiction and non-fiction. He enjoys pretty much every genre except romance, fantasy, science fiction, or young adult pieces. He is a multifaceted personality—an electrical engineer,  pastor, seminary instructor, and businessman. His favorite pastime is playing golf, playing with his two cats, cooking, and enjoying being with his wife.

He is another person who prefers printed books. Ebooks are also welcome. Moreover, once he has invested time in a book, he would like the author to also benefit financially, and hence, he purchases the book. His reviews are honest, and he has a five-star rating, one being the lowest and five, meaning that you took Don by surprise.

Hence, if you’d like to get your book reviewed, get to his “My Review Policy” page and share your details to initiate the process.

7. Sarah’s Bookshelves

Sarah is the founder of this website that helps readers with book recommendations. She believes in sharing honest feedback through her writings and her podcast, Sarah’s Bookshelves Live! Her favorite books genres are contemporary literary fiction, cooking/food books, historical fiction, memoirs, non-fiction, and sports.

She is game for any book that has an entertainment value along with some learning. Her favorite authors include John Irving, Michael Lewis, and Pat Conroy.

In case you’d like to get your book reviewed, send a request to While she only accepts books that sound interesting to her and fit into her busy schedule, do remember she prefers eBooks and does not accept hard copies for review.

Further, she does not charge for reviews and is happy to receive a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for her assessment.

8. Beth Fish Reads

This site is owned by Beth Fish, a retired freelance book editor, reviewer, and journalist blogger. His book reviews revolve around genres like literary memoirs, biography (political and non-political), autobiography, short stories, thrillers, crafts books, new editions of classics, early readers, literary fiction, contemporary fiction, young adult, middle readers (in the older range), fantasy (any type), historical fiction (any place, any time), mob stories, graphic novels, graphic non-fiction, coming-of-age stories, mysteries (any type), paranormal, cookbooks, foodie books (any type), and outdoor writing.

He prefers printed copies. However, eBooks in ePUB format are also acceptable. He is also addicted to audiobooks and prefers digital downloads.

To contact Beth for your review needs, click on the white envelope icon appearing on the review policy page. His email address is

While he commits to timely reviews, owing to his busy schedule, it could take several months before he reviews your book. So, have a backup plan for any last-minute surprises.

9. Midwest Book Review

The Midwest Book Review (MBR) was established in 1976 and is committed to promoting learning, library usage, and small press publishing. Their reviews are also available on several websites and internet book stores, and you can find these on the MBR website for a minimum of five years.

They provide reviews free of charge. Book reviews in MBR Bookwatch, the Reviewer’s Bookwatch, and the “Story Monsters Ink Shelf” of the Children’s Bookwatch are done by volunteer reviewers who have full ownership of their reviews. Other than the above, all reviews are written by the MBR associates.

In case you wish to get your book reviewed, you need to submit two copies of the published book. The reviews of print books/CDs/DVDs are free of charge. However, there is a charge of $50 for reviewing eBooks, pre-publication manuscripts, galleys, uncorrected proofs, ARCs, and pdf files.

If you wish to go ahead with them, send an email to or with “Reader Fee Review” in the subject line. You will get a response with the name and email address of the assigned reviewer. You will need to issue a check to the reviewer, who will coordinate further on other additional information needed for the review.

10. Indie Reader

If you are looking for a critical and fair deal, this is the site to request a review. Your books will be reviewed against other books, and you’ll be rated on a scale of one to five, one being “Really bad. Work on it” to five being “Excellent. Must-read.” Reviewers might also award partial stars instead of rounding up to a whole or half number.

A review by IndieReader increases your book’s probability of being discovered, helps enhance your writing skills, and offers competitive pricing. And if your title is four to five stars, it makes the IndieReader’s “Best Reviewed Books of the Month” list, which will be shown to their 10,000+ subscribers.

A standard review, which takes 7–9 weeks, costs $275, and a Rush Review spanning over 4–6 weeks will cost you $350.

So, if you are ready to get your book reviewed, click on the “Get Your Book Reviewed” tab on the Get a Book Review page. Follow the instructions and enjoy the process!

11. BookPage

This site reviews several book genres, including literary and popular fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, audiobooks, and gift books.

In case you wish to get your book reviewed, send an advance review copy at least three months prior to its publication date. Along with the bound manuscript, attach a letter with the book’s publicity contact’s name, phone number, and email address. The letter should also contain the book’s publication date, price, and ISBN.

If it is a hard copy, it can be couriered to the office address provided on the submission guidelines page. However, if it is an eBook, it should be emailed to the relevant editor at Adult fiction titles go to Cat Acree, adult non-fiction titles to Christy Lynch, adult genre titles (mystery, romance, SFF) to Savanna Walker, and children’s & YA titles to Steph Appell.

12. KO’s Stuffed Shelf

Misty loves to promote an author or novel through her website because it makes her happy. So, if you want to get your book reviewed, send an email to, along with the title of your novel, a brief description, and a copy of your novel.

While she is open to reviewing all book genres, she reserves the discretion to deny a review request. If you don’t get a response within 72 hours of your first correspondence, your request is likely to have been denied. Both hard copies and eBooks are welcome.

Her reviews are honest and carry a five-star rating based on several parameters like plot, characters, conclusion, writing style, entertainment value, and authenticity.

Given the volumes of review requests received, Misty might take any time between one month to three months before sharing her review. Once evaluated, the review will be posted in a number of locations like Goodreads and the KindleObsessed blog, Facebook page, and Twitter page. So, plan your book review and go for it!

13. Bookreporter majorly reviews fiction along with other genres like bestsellers, debut authors, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, thrillers, fantasy/science fiction, romance, non-fiction, newsworthy books, biographies, and memoirs.

To get your book reviewed, email Tom Donadio at The typical review time frame is within three months of publication. But reviews aren’t guaranteed.

14. Kelly Lacey & Love Books Tours

Kelly founded Love Books Tours in 2018 to bridge the gap between authors and readers. She is a blogger, and during her leisure time, she reviews her own blog at

Moreover, she offers a range of services to ensure your book gets the best reach. She has a pretty good database with over 1,800 book bloggers and bookstagrammers and a mailing list of 29,000 readers.

She reviews all genres from anywhere in the world, free of cost. Her honest reviews are accompanied by three-to-five-star ratings since she believes in uplifting rather than bashing. In case you wish to contact Kelly for a book review, use the contact form on the review-policy page to send an email.


Every author is trying to get visibility so that she can sell more books. Book reviews are an opportunity for the author to get reviewed on websites with a strong readership.

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