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YouTube launched in 2005, and booktubers came around 2010. Traditionally, readers read book reviews on review blogs or book review sites. Interestingly, booktubers also analyze advanced reader copies (ARCs) provided by book publishers and create videos about these for their audience. If you are looking to promote your books with the help of booktubers, here is a list of booktubers you may want to follow.

Bowties & Books

Jesse from Bowties & Books not only uses this medium to provide book reviews, but she actively uses it to share her experiences with ethnic inequality and privileges enjoyed by certain races. Her book reviews cover diverse genres like LGBTQ+ book recs, YA, fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, and many more. What’s more, she also hosts the Queer Blackathon reading event. So, follow her to experience a bit of everything from reading to activism to competition.

Ariel Bissett

A Canadian writer and filmmaker, and creator and host of Reading Rush and Books Unbound, Ariel Bissett has been one of the early booktubers. She loves to recommend specific genres of books and share her reviews on fiction, short story collections, graphic novels, and poetry. Her favorite book, Animal Farm, is a political satire representing the Russian Revolution and exploring the subject of class and power. Bissett does not limit herself to recommending books but also champions issues relating to the environment, social life, and well-being. Recently, she used her platform effectively to request readers to come forward and bail out the publishing industry reeling under the COVID-19 impact.

Jesse George

Jesse, who found peace in reading, started posting content on YouTube during his freshman year of college. Finally, he launched his booktuber channel in February 2012 and began sharing the love to young adult book lovers. He is content with his book recommendations and reviews and organizes reading challenges and book tag videos.

Seji @ The Artisan Geek

Seji’s postings are not limited to traditional books or reading challenges but also manga reviews and hauls. Her reading ranges from classics to poetry, fiction to the random YA. However, her USP lies in her portrayal of the marginalized sections, such as authors with disabilities, of color, and queer authors. For instance, the Fortnight Frights Readathon urged readers to choose medieval and horror books from authors of color. She has a 100+ page document listing Black authors of all genres. Besides, she also champions the cause of local bookshops and promotes their usage on her channel.

Naya @  Nayareadsandsmiles

Naya from Nayareadsandsmiles is our go-to booktuber if you are looking for butterflies. She mostly delves into young adult fantasy. Her channel is flooded with videos about her ongoing reads, most awaited books, and her reading habits.

She is another one in the league who champions authors of color. During the George Floyd protests, she used her channel to talk about her own experiences with colorism online and her decision to steer clear of a brand that had a past of prejudice against booktubers of color.

Leena Norms

Leena Norms has been a booktuber since 2007. She began making her videos online in 2010. Her reading list includes fiction, short stories, and poetry. She also encourages her followers to read forgotten and older literary works.

She is a poet and vlogger too. She was named Book Vlogger of the Year by London Book Fair 2020.

Her USP lies in the fact that she familiarizes her audience with the publishing industry. Moreover, she also uses her medium effectively to discuss environmental, fashion, and motivational issues.

Myonna @ Myonna Reads

This girl from Michigan describes herself as an avid reader who can read almost anything under the sun, including horror, fantasy, and young adult fiction. She is passionate about making videos. Besides her book reviews, hauls, and monthly wrap-ups, she enjoys live streams, chatting with her audience, and hosting reading challenges.

Joel Rochester

Joel Rochester has climbed the charts in a relatively short period of time ever since he decided to transition from bookstagrammer to booktuber. In addition to reading fantasy and horror books, he is a writer and is currently working on The Dream Prince. He enjoys playing video games, listening to K-Pop, finding new DIY projects to get his hands dirty, and much more.

He calls for more variety in literature, especially the representation of queer people of color. Don’t miss out on his videos featuring books by authors of color and queer writers.

Kat @ Paperbackdreams

Beginning with vlogs, Kat shifted gears to book reviews and recommendations. Her reading list includes fiction, horror, thriller, and YA reader, and she reviews the latest books from her channel, paperbackdreams. Her reviews are mainly for the young adult population. Her favorite books are Looking for Alaska, Blue Lily, Before the Devil Breaks You, etc.

She is also known for summarizing her monthly reads, conducting reading challenges, and creating her series of books that are liked yet underrated. So, follow her to experience her offerings.

Cindy @ withcindy

Cindy is known to discuss books comically. She also reviews adapted versions of music, television, and films. Her reading list includes adult fiction, YA, fantasy, and steamy romance novels.

She is another one on the block who supports books by authors of color and conducts debates around diversity and representation.

Regan Perusse

Regan posts book reviews and recommendations to her PeruseProject and runs a YouTube channel, PeruseProjectVlogs, which she’s had since December 2015. Her reads include fantasy, romance, thriller, and historical fiction. However, her strength lies in her deep understanding of both young adult and adult fantasy books. Now you know whom to follow if you are an ardent reader of the above genre.

She is also engaged in creating monthly wrap-ups and keeps her audience updated about her reading habits.

Jen Campbell

Jen is an author, poet, literary judge, vlogger, and booktuber. Her reading list includes poetry, adult fiction, fairy tales, children’s literature, short story collections, and classics.

Having worked as a bookseller for nearly a decade, you can say she breathes only books. In addition to YouTube, you can also find her on her podcast, Books With Jen, and attending her literary workshops.


Ellias’ videos are full of energy and will make you go on a laughter spree. His videos carry this flavor owing to his unassuming nature and reflective reviews.

He has been a reader and a booktuber for five years, reading thrillers, sci-fi, graphic novels, manga, adult fiction, and young adult novels.

Jananie @ thisstoryaintover

A twenty-two-year-old, she is passionate about young adult fantasy books. Her videos are full of reviews, recommendations, and challenges. She’s also a publisher!

Watch out for her young adult book recommendations pertaining to fantasy or LGBTQ+ on Epic Book Recs. Subscribe to her YouTube channel because Jananie believes the story isn’t over yet.

Tiana @ Tiana Tea

Tiana loves reading sci-fi, historical fiction, contemporary romance, and adult and young adult fantasy books. So, if you are looking for reviews and recommendations on the above-mentioned genres, Tiana’s channel is the place to go.

I am sure you will find her videos humorous! Go ahead and subscribe to her channel to experience her offerings.

Jameelah @ Booked with Jameelah

Jameelah is a bookworm and author who is into fantasy. In her own words, the young booktuber is head over heels in love with reading. She is thrilled to talk about books and extensively talk about characters with her audience. She also keeps in touch with her audience through her well-known book series and shares updates on the latest releases.

Books and Lala

Kayla connects with her audience twice a week over books. Her channel is full of reading vlogs, challenges, readathon, book club picks, book recommendations, and much more. Her favorite reads include mystery, thriller, horror, light fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary adult fiction, YA, and nonfiction.

Interestingly, her reviews include books she likes as well as ones she dislikes. What is unique about her videos is that she tries to make it participative by allowing her audience to interact with her content.

The Poptimist

Dae Jin loves literary fiction, and his content is mainly into reviews and recommendations around Asian writers, especially Korean. His reviews are introspective and engrossing. Watching his videos, you will agree that he puts his heart and soul into it.

Lady of the Library

Cinzia started her YouTube channel even when booktubing was unheard of. She started with vlogging before she decided to focus on book reviews and recommendations.

Her academic background in philosophy and English literature is reflected in her content, and you will agree that she is extraordinarily brilliant and an elegant speaker. She is brutally honest about how her dyslexia and mental health impact her reading.

Other than book reviews and recommendations, if you are looking for tips on different facets of reading, follow her.

Rincey Reads

Another one in the league is Rincey, who shares insightful notes on the books she read the month before. Her videos not only talk about her book reviews but also give the audience a glimpse of her TBR list. So, follow her if you are planning to revisit/replenish your TBR list.

She seems to be a people person, and hence, her videos are very informal and have a friendly overtone to them.

Books with Emily Fox

Emily is into books and beauty. Her videos are interesting for a different reason. While you get reviews and recommendations on fantasy/sci-fi contemporary fiction, science nonfiction, and some classics, she also talks about her most hated characters from the reads.

Closing Thoughts

Booktubers are a community of closely knit literary enthusiasts who can not only help authors spread the word about their books but also help them come up with new book ideas that the market is craving to consume. You may also want to read the article exploring booktube to promote self-published books.

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