Exploring Booktube To Promote Self-published Books

YouTube has a growing sub-community of readers and authors known as “BookTube,” where countless videos and channels are dedicated to readers and authors participating in conversations about books. Hundreds of thousands of booktubers worldwide show off their shelves and latest purchases, participate in reading challenges and discussions, and review their latest reads. BookTube is an ideal community for self-published authors to generate interest¬†for their newest books.

The first step to connecting with booktubers is to look at BookTube channels that have posted indie book reviews. Typically, if they accept requests, their “about” tab will say so. Many booktubers receive tons of suggestions on a regular basis, so they may not accept every book that comes their way.

Once an author has gotten approval from a reviewer, they should offer the booktuber a complimentary copy. Most booktubers prefer paperbacks to include in their videos if they are available. After reading the book, they’ll post a review, which will then be visible to all their subscribers.

Many authors also own their own BookTube channels. As their books begin to gain traction online, authors can use their channels to communicate with readers, answer questions about their books or upcoming work, or even talk about what they are reading. An online presence helps authors be more relatable and accessible to their readers, which can generate a greater following. If a self-published author produces more books in the future, they can promote their book on their own BookTube channel, and their existing fan base will see their new releases.

It doesn’t take a lot to be a booktuber – a decent webcam with a built-in microphone is sufficient to get started, though content creators can upgrade their technology later. However, participating in the community generates more visibility and is fun to do. Video reviews are an excellent way for readers to respond to their latest reads, and a favorable review can help boost book sales; it’s a perfect place for self-published authors to start introducing their work. To find Booktubers to promote your book, read the article Booktubers to follow this year.

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