23 Bookstagrammers To Follow

Bookstagrammers have come a long way since the last decade. Today, many have built a strong reading community around themselves.

Bookstagrammers can help authors spread the word about their books.

Here are some Bookstagrammers we found. It may not be a comprehensive list, but it’s a good start for authors looking to connect with Bookstagrammers to help them promote their books.

Ursula Uriarte

Ursula introduces herself as a multitasker, mom, avid reader, globetrotter, and above all, a fan of heavy metal music. Her reading horizon is vast, and while it includes fantasy literature like Harry Potter, she’s also into the latest horror and thriller blockbusters. Ursula wants to read thirty-six books for the 2022 Reading Challenge! She’s inspirational and does what she loves doing—definitely a person to look up to.

Kathleen Crowley 

A bookworm at heart, Kathleen lives up to a book lover’s expectation of being suggested piles of books in one go. She is famous for her posts on her preferred vocabulary words and late-night poetry. Don’t miss out on her bookmojies, which can lend a classy flavor to your texts and messages. Also a nature lover, she enjoys Rhode Island sunsets over the water.

Tes Medovich

Korrina and Robert are the force behind Paperback Bones and the curators of @OwlCrate, a book delivery service for the latest young adult fiction titles. Korrina’s favorite book is The Raven Boys (Maggie Steifvater) with an order of iced americano, and Robert’s favorites are Pups Save the Space Alien (Paw Patrol) and masala chai. When they came together to develop the product in 2014, they just wanted to bring readers of the world together. In their own words, “It’s been a wild ride ever since!”

Morgan Hoit

Morgan Hoit and her Instagram laud the book stores and literary arts that NYC offers. A voracious reader, she has read close to 249 books. She is currently reading Confessions of the Fox, Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding the Courage to Lead, and Meaty. She aspires to read eighty-one titles more. She is a tourist and ensures her followers travel with her to places and get recommendations of lovely bookstores and panoramic views that urge them to halt and enjoy a good read.

Jenna Reads Books

Jenna is a multi-talented personality who connects with readers over their love for books. Watching her book picks for the month and reviews of her favorite reads will make you agree that she has excellent taste in books. She has it all under her reading umbrella, from dystopian fiction to drama to memoir to mystery. Her favorite reads include The School for Good Mothers, Bright Burning Things, and The Family.

Bean and the Bookstack

If books and coffee are your evergreen friends, you need to follow Lauren. Based in Boston, her Instagram account is full of reviews on crime thrillers, classics, and contemporary fiction. Being a coffee aficionado, don’t be surprised to receive her tips on making the perfect cup.

Evie Bookish

Evie Seo’s Instagram displays her love for books, photography, and coffee. Her reviews include book reviews from her two young daughters, who are fast-treading their mother’s path. Additionally, being a member of Society6, her artwork confirms that her love for this art is as powerful as her love for books.

James Trevino and Elizabeth Sagan

James refers to himself as the Father of Cats, Reader of Books, and Eater of French Fries. Elizabeth prefers being addressed as Liz. They are best friends, collaborating frequently. They are perhaps the most creative and famous bookstagrammers with an impressive followership. James enjoys a 300k followership, while Liz has over 200k. They are known for developing dominoes, i.e., full-color, interactive series that offer readers a fun reading experience while building their language skills.


Laura prefers to call herself a literary traveler! She is essentially a diehard book lover who loves to read, even while traveling. While Laura enjoys reading young adult books, thrillers, and general fiction, her blogs contain go-to posts for travelers.

“What’s Hot?” came into existence in 2011 and is an award-winning travel and book blog. Laura is on a constant mission to discover the best literary places to travel and the best literary experiences to share on her blog. So, the next time you visit her page, watch out for her list of recommended books along with her motivation for your next escapade.


Triin’s bright-colored library images on the homepage say it all! Additionally, the colorful flowers and flower pots add more hues of color to the existing ones. Such a vibrant setting with sunshine streaming in through her library window is her pride and our envy.

Being a voracious reader from a young age, she loved crime and mystery reads, especially detective fiction. Her early brushes were with literary pieces like Master Detective: A Kalle Blomkvist Mystery. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas always made her think she would read law. However, @wordchild made her fall in love with the classics. Further, motherhood brought about many other changes, and she trusts her instincts more than ever before.


Katie’s Instagram says it all: “Travel, Read, Study!”

In her own words, she is a chaotic reader and bookshop finder. She’s currently pursuing studies, majorly books and K-Pop.

She also seems to be a language enthusiast, learning Mandarin and helping others with tips based on how she learns. Her page also features posts about her taking a quick recap of the Korean language before moving to fresher pastures. So, if you are a book and language freak, you know she is the one to follow!

Tanbir Kaur

Tanbir’s Instagram page is like a fresh breeze amid the bookstagrammers community. Her library is a class, apart from the books doing all the talking. Her true companions are her books, whether in her study, on her bed, or by the beachside.

Overall, hers is a tastefully-done Instagram account with gorgeously captioned pictures and book reviews.


Nikki describes herself as “an introvert trying to be creative!”

Agatha Christie seems to be her favorite when she experiences reader’s block. If you are looking for a page that looks like an era gone by, this is the perfect page to follow. Her journal pages are out of this world.

She also seems to be a coffee lover!

Miłka Zielińska

Miłka Awgul’s Instagram page is all about nature, colors, snow-covered tree barks, warm coffee, and cookies. It’ll make you want to get warm and cozy into your blanket and imagine a never-ending season of mercury dropping all year round.

Elena Armas

Elena Armas confesses to being a hopeless romantic and a proud book hoarder. So, if you are looking for romance, contemporary romance, new adult fiction, romantic fantasy, holiday fiction, follow her.

After years of voracious reading, she has published her own book, The Spanish Love Deception. Again, the romantic genre.

Having won the Goodreads Choice Award for her maiden book, she is ready with her second book, The American Roommate Experiment, launching later this year.


Juliet started as a Bookstagrammer in 2016. She saw this as a process to record what she was reading. She later decided to share her reading recommendations, and her blogs grew into something far bigger than she imagined. Interesting to note, she aspired to be a carpenter as a kid. However, she decided to give it a pass because she’d have to deal with a lot of splinters!

She encourages her readers to cultivate the habit of reading diverse books. She has even gone a step ahead to create reading lists, especially for those who wish to read the lesser-known authors but don’t know where to start. Her favorite bookstagrammers are @ab_reads, @rose.reads.books, and @whatsallyreadnext, to name a few. And her favorite reads include The Secret History, Americanah, Ready Player One, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and The Neapolitan Series.

Emily Howarth

Emily loves sharing her thoughts on literature, films, and other things that inspire her. She is into gothic fiction and crime books. Follow her if you’re looking for recommendations on interiors, bookshops, and flat lay shots.


Brynn is a teacher and passionate about reading. Located in Wisconsin, she enjoys reading in the open, surrounded by pleasant weather. What started as a hobby resulted in her finding like-minded readers on the go!

Her favorite books come from the mystery/thriller books genre. Her latest recommendation for all thriller lovers is The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose. However, she does like to indulge in memoirs, romance, true crime, literary, and contemporary fiction!


Located in Atlanta with her canine (Baxter), Taryn is an avid reader. She is an environmental science major and aspires to work in the publishing industry some day. Like any other girl in her early twenties, she loves horror movies and ice cream.

Her choice of books ranges from contemporary and literary fiction to speculative, magical realism. Her pages are loaded with honest reviews and brightly colored photos. Being an environmental scientist, one of her recommendations is Crosshairs by Catherine Hernandez—a book that deals with issues of climate disaster, social justice, and cultural identity.


Taylor is a native of Texas and currently resides in New York City. Since childhood, she has been reading, and her commute time on the subway further instilled in her the habit of reading.

She is into all genres of books. Hence, tune in to her page to read real and candid reviews across all genres and writers! She loves photography. Everything you see on her page, she has clicked, with an occasional pose by her pet cat.

Her recent endorsement has been N.K. Jemisin’s love letter to New York City titled The City We Became. She urges every reader to add it to their “To be read” list, even if they are not into fantasy novels. She feels that the city’s beauty and its characteristic feature of bouncing back in the face of adversity have been captured very well.


Whitney pronounces herself “Aficionado of the Finest Books.” With her current residence in Dallas, she dreams big of owning a bookstore someday. She reads all book genres, including picture books.

She is capable of shifting her reading gears from social justice issues to psychological thrillers to a romance novel. Her reviews offer a wide variety of book options for the average reader.

Her recent recommendation is not one but two. The first is We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates, which gives a vivid account of each year of President Barack Obama’s administration. The second one is a psychological thriller, Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger. This book gave her an immersive experience and made her forget everything around her.


So, what does Sarah do when she is not reading? You will find her watching crime shows and enjoying a glass of wine.

Hence, her book recommendations are usually accompanied by drink recommendations that she feels would complement the read. She also co-hosts the #BottomsUpBuddyRead with her friend, Alison (@talkbookstome_). She confesses this platform has helped her connect with others in the reading community.

She is in love with Finlay Donovan Is Killing It by Elle Cosimano and highly recommends it. The story is about a struggling novelist who is unable to complete a book while under constant threat by her agent, who wants her to meet the deadline or face the publisher’s wrath. It is an effortless read with several enjoyable moments. So, how about grabbing your copy today?

Abby Kincer

Abby is not just into books. She loves houseplants, dogs, and cross-stitching. Currently residing in Houston, she likes to read everything from young adult fiction to memoirs. So, you can expect straightforward reviews with a tinge of humor because she claims to have a funny bone.

She loves what she reads, and her recent encounter with the young adult urban fantasy novel, Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas, led her to highly recommend it. The story revolves around a trans boy who is set on proving his gender to his traditional-minded family, and in the process, he calls in a ghost who refuses to leave. Abby claims the ending has an unexpected twist, and she finds the book close to being perfect.

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