3 WordPress Plugins for Ebook Authors

One of the biggest advantages of having your own WordPress website is that there are a growing number of plugins that let you integrate ebook tools directly into your WordPress site. Whether you want to turn your blog posts into ebooks or sell your latest ebook directly on your site, you now have several helpful tools at your disposal. Investigate these WordPress plugins for self-published authors; you’ll be amazed at your revenue opportunities.

MPL Publisher

The MPL Publisher lets you transform your WordPress posts into ebooks and publish them in various formats, including ePub, Mobi, Kindle, and PDF. You can create chapters for your book, add a book cover and title, and even add a widget to your site to promote your newly formatted publication to your site’s visitors.

Plugin: wordpress.org/plugins/mpl-publisher
Screenshots: wordpress.org/plugins/mpl-publisher/screenshots


If you want to offer your ebooks directly to consumers, consider downloading the Payhip plugin. The delightful download lets you set your own prices, protects your content with PDF watermarking and lets you track your sales via a helpful Google Analytics interface. Becoming a self-published author with complete control of your content has never been easier.

Plugin: wordpress.org/plugins/payhip-sell-ebooks
Screenshots: wordpress.org/plugins/payhip-sell-ebooks/screenshots


To sell additional digital downloads on your site, consider integrating the Sellfy plugin into your WordPress site. Not only can you sell your ebooks, but you can also automatically sell anything from recipes to whitepapers or case studies. Sellfy lets you set your own prices and makes it easy to add one-click buy buttons to your site.

Plugin: wordpress.org/plugins/sellfy-sell-digital-downloads
Screenshots: wordpress.org/plugins/sellfy-sell-digital-downloads/screenshots

If you want to create passive income with ebooks, integrating the above plugins into your WordPress site can make things easier for self-published authors. Thanks to the growing number of helpful resources, it has never been easier to sell ebooks directly from your website. With just a simple download, you can start increasing your wordsmith revenue.

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