10 Grammar Tools to Make Your Writing Better


Sometimes, we make several minor mistakes that can be embarrassing. And hiring a professional editor may not be an option, In those instances, a grammar tool can come in handy to ensure some of our writing is free from minor errors like typos punctuation errors.

Below are ten grammar tools that will make your writing better:

#1 Linguix

Launched by Textly, Inc. in December 2018, Linguix is one of those grammar tools that works as an application and a browser extension. It uses machine learning and AI to detect spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors while providing suggestions for the said errors.


In addition to a free plan, Linguix offers the following plans

  • Premium Plan: $8/month
  • Team Plan (with more benefits): $10/member/month.


  • Snippet feature saves time for repeated messages
  • Secret mode for anonymity
  • Not only corrects writing but tracks productivity.


  • No desktop application
  • No markups in the document editor
  • Plagiarism checker sold separately

#2 Writer

Writer, known as the grammar check for professionals, is one of those grammar tools that offer more than just simple grammar, punctuation, and style checks. It is used by companies such as Twitter, Discovery, Marriott International, and many others.


Writer offers a Starter Plan and an Enterprise Plan. The pricing is as follows:

  • Starter: $11/month or $99/year after a free trial
  • Enterprise: Customized pricing.


  • Goes further than grammar check by checking for delivery, tone, terminology, and inclusivity of writing style based on the writer’s audience
  • Includes plagiarism checker
  • Enterprise plan offers multiple style guides


-Only a thirty-day free trial before you have to pay.

#3 Grammarly

Launched on July 1, 2009, Grammarly is the most popular and well-advertised grammar-checking software in the market today, with over 10 million daily users. If you were to search for a grammar checker for the first time, you would, without a doubt, come across Grammarly as one of your first results.


Grammarly offers three payment plans for their Premium version:

  • $144/year for an annual payment (best value)
  • $20/month when paid for quarterly
  • $30/month for monthly payments


  • Most popular and trusted grammar checker on the market
  • Premium version offers a plagiarism checker (unlimited uses)
  • Multiple extensions for browsers, Google Docs, and MS Word
  • Interface and usability are easy and accessible


  • Not all suggestions are accurate
  • Sometimes, it leaves out very minor but noticeable errors
  • Limited to 150,000 characters (not the best option for long pieces of writing and book editors).

#4 ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid was designed for authors who needed a professional review of their manuscripts before submitting them for editing. Today, it is used by various writers who seek to improve the quality of their writing.


Aside from the free version, ProWritingAid offers a monthly, yearly, and lifetime payment plan:

  • Monthly: $20/month
  • Annual: $79/year ($6.58/month)
  • One-time payment of $399, which provides a lifetime membership and free updates.


  • Provides the best value with a lifetime membership payment option
  • No character limit for editing texts
  • Gives in-depth report of writing style
  • Integrates with several online and offline apps.


#5 Slick Write

Slick Write is a writing-aid tool designed by RussTek and is used by bloggers, SEO writers, students, and various writers who’d like to check their grammar, vocabulary, and writing style. Slick Write is purely cloud-based and free.


Slick Write does not have a premium or paid version. It is absolutely free. However, you are free to make a donation.


  • Free
  • Cloud-based
  • Offers a demo to demonstrate how to use the software
  • Shows statistics of the percentage of errors found in the text.


  • There are ads on the website
  • User interface could use some upgrading.

#6 Ginger Software

Ginger Software is a grammar-checking tool founded in 2008 and specializes in grammar, rephrasing, synonyms, and translation.


Ginger Software offers monthly, annual, and biannual payment plans:

  • Monthly: $13.99/month
  • Annual: One payment of $89.98/year ($7.49/month)
  • Biannual: One payment of $167.76 ($6.99/month)


  • Translates to over forty languages
  • Positive review from Tech Crunch: “Basically anything you need to write great English”
  • Built-in Dictionary


  • No plagiarism checker
  • No offline version available for Mac
  • No extensions for Google Docs, Libre Office, and OpenOffice

#7 LanguageTool

LanguageTool was released in 2003 as an open-source project by a team of machine learning experts and linguistic professionals. It supports more than thirty languages and is used by over 150 companies.


In addition to having a free version, LanguageTool’s Premium plan offers three payment methods:

  • Monthly: $19/month
  • Quarterly: One payment of $39/four months ($13/month)
  • Annual: One payment of $59/year ($4.92/month)


  • Compatible with various online and offline applications
  • Translates over twenty different languages
  • Can correct grammatical and spelling errors for various languages


  • Premium version limited to only 40,000 characters (not the best option for book editing)
  • No plagiarism checker available
  • Does not support all devices.

#8 Outwrite

Previously called GradeProof, Outwrite is a grammar-checking tool that has a built-in thesaurus and helps writers track statistics related to their writing.


In addition to the free version, Outwrite offers a Pro and Teams version with the following plans:

  • Pro: $24.95/month (yearly version has a better value for $9.95/month)
  • Teams: $14.95/user/month (yearly is $7.95/user/month)


  • Built-in Thesaurus
  • Includes a plagiarism checker


  • Plagiarism checker is limited to only fifty checks a month

#9 WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke, incorporated in 2002, is a writing-aid tool that is recognized by the largest educational firms for its quality. WhiteSmoke is now a publicly-traded software company, focusing on advanced solutions to improve writing quality.


In addition to a free version, here is the breakdown of the paid versions (all plans are billed at once for one year):

  • Web: $5/month
  • Premium: $6.66/month
  • Business: $11.50/month


  • Works on both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Includes a plagiarism checker
  • Offers a built-in translator
  • Premium version offers three computer licenses
  • Discounts offered for three-year plan


  • Complains of design and usability not being intuitive
  • Limit of 10,000 characters at a time
  • Given character limits, it’s not the best option for a lengthy book

#10 Scribens

Scribens is a grammar checker and claims to catch ten times the errors that MS Word does. It offers grammar checks for English and French.


In addition to a free plan, Scribens offers the following plans:

  • € 9.90/month paid monthly
  • € 19.90 for three months
  • € 49.90 for a year
  • Custom pricing for Business Plan for teams


  • Usable on Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, various forums, and most text-zones
  • Offers a plethora of offline plug-ins extensions (MS Word, Libre Office, and Open Office)
  • Premium version offers French


  • The text checker is limited to only 200,000 characters
  • Does not offer customer support
  • Accuracy is not always flawless

These are some of the grammar tools available today. Although, nothing can replace a professional editor, tools these grammar tools can help you identify minor errors.

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